Valued Faygo Customer Alert

Faygo Beverages has been contacted by individuals who have received letters from fraudsters claiming to represent the De-Lotto American and London Sweepstakes Lottery advising them they were winners of a cash prize. These letters are accompanied by counterfeit checks drawn on a Faygo bank account. Individuals were instructed to cash the checks and to wire additional funds via Western Union directly to a tax agent. THIS IS A SCAM; THE CHECKS ARE FRADULENT. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CASH THESE CHECKS AS YOU WILL HAVE TO REIMBURSE YOUR BANK FOR THE ENTIRE AMOUNT. ALSO, DO NOT WIRE "TAX" AMOUNTS.

Faygo Beverages is in contact with authorities regarding the counterfeit checks and fraudulent sweepstakes. Please call 1-313-925-1600 or send a message to if you require additional information.
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